DME EHR Module


All-in-one platform

This system automates all the information sleep centers must collect and manage directly through one platform.

Extensive Features

Task-driven Workflow
DME Order Management
Patient Record
Insurance Handling
Appointment Management
Delivery Ticket Support
Inventory Management
CC & Fax Integrations
Task-driven Workflow

Prioritize and manage the operation workflow
  • Schedule staff for each step of the process with individual rules designation (booking, insurance authorization, recording, scoring, and billing, etc.
  • Define tasks and completion timing
  • Coordinate the flow of studies, scoring and reporting
  • Equipment and supplies orders, reminders, shipping, retrieval and inventory

DME Order Management

The ultimate fulfilment system – shipment, tracking and inventory
  • Generate a mailing label or integrates with third-party shipper
  • Track equipment shipping and return
  • Track patients supplies need and for reorder
  • Manage product and equipment Inventory
  • Direct interfacing with third-party fulfillment house
  • Manages auto resupply based on insurance benefits

Patient Record

Store and coordinate patient information
  • Contact information
  • Referrer contact and information
  • Insurance information
  • And more

Insurance Management

Receive your revenue quicker
  • One-button eligibility check (through Change)
  • Generate e-claims directly to clearinghouse (no separate billing software needed)
  • Receive EOBs electronically and auto post correctly processed claims
  • Generate patient invoices and expose invoices in patient portal
  • Manage authorizations by unit levels for each DME item to alert staff of authorization status

Appointment Management
Delivery Ticket Support
Inventory management

Organizes inventory to increase sales
  • Provide an inventory of supplies and equipment
  • CPAP, BIPAP, and ASV set up calendar
  • Connect with APIs to third-party fulfillment houses
  • Manage minimum inventory levels for all items, automatically notifies staff to reorder


Save time with professional, customizable forms online or downloadable
  • Billing forms
  • Billing data exporting
  • Marketing forms
  • And more


Bring in revenue faster
  • Patient billing
  • Insurance claim billing
  • Invoice generation
  • Payment tracking


Monitor performance at a glance
  • Effective business dashboards and reports with performance metrics
  • Custom business and clinical reports
  • Equipment scheduled
  • Inactive physician referrers
  • And more


  • Patient can:
  • Sign forms
  • Retrieve invoices
  • Make credit card payments
  • Physicians can:
  • Refer patients
  • Check on patient status
  • Send scripts electronically
  • And more

CC & Fax Integrations

Save time and reduce errors
  • Post same-day credit card transactions to patient ledger
  • Automatically split electronic fax data into appropriate patient files areas
  • Script
  • Physician encounter notes
  • Additional information
  • Easily send information to physician offices
  • Referral receipts
  • Additional information

Plus you receive all of these features at no additional cost

Implementation and set-up of your system

Unlimited Sleep Center and Remote Users including providers and patients using the DME system and patient portals

Online FAX integration to send and receive secure faxes through the system interface (Interfax interface)

SMS texting and voice calling

*As defined in the service contract

Automatic Email generation

Form and report customization

External system integration*

Transfer of old studies to the new service*

Importing old patient data into new service*

7+ year data storage

Secure network configuration support

*As defined in the service contract

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