4 Metrics Your Sleep Center Should Be Tracking

Sleep studies generate a large quantity of information regarding a patient’s sleep quality. Patients and physicians only view a fraction of this data, but it is important to…

Overcoming 3 Challenges of Home Sleep Testing

Home sleep testing (HST) allows patients to take a sleep test from the comfort and safety of their home instead of traveling to a sleep center or hospital. In most cases…

3 Things To Look For In A Sleep Lab Software Partner

Sleep lab software partners enable physicians and healthcare providers to leverage an all-inclusive platform that improves and streamlines back-end…

How to Improve Operations with Sleep Lab Management Software

In the last several months, sleep labs have shifted how they interact with patients and diagnose sleep conditions. Having the right sleep lab management…

How to Conduct a Home Sleep Test

An estimated 10 million people suffering from sleep apnea remain undiagnosed, increasing the need for home sleep tests (HST). When a patient first receives a unit like DreamClear…

How to Future-Proof Your Sleep Center

As a medical provider during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to consider ways to make your practice thrive despite the unfortunate circumstances. The value…

How to Migrate to A Virtual Sleep Center

For years, patients with sleep disorders had to visit a lab for testing. Closures to businesses nationwide have heightened the need for home sleep testing (HST). While many…

What’s the Story Behind REMware?

Like all good stories, how REMware developed the best-value sleep center software in the industry has all the essential elements: characters, plot, conflict and resolution…

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