Scoring & Interpreting Software


Scoring & Interpreting Software for Windows Servers

This cloud-based Windows server stores sleep study scoring and interpretations. It is co-located with the Sleep Center EHR server for fast, secure data access and exchange.

Extensive Features

User account support
Server management and troubleshooting
Daily backup of all data and files
Unlimited data and file storage for 7+ years

Plus you receive all of these features at no additional cost

Implementation and set-up of your system

Unlimited Sleep Center and Remote Users including providers and patients using the DME system and patient portals

Online FAX integration to send and receive secure faxes through your email (Interfax interface)

SMS texting and voice calling

*As defined in the service contract

Automatic Email generation

Form and report customization

External system integration*

Transfer of old studies to the new service*

Importing old patient data into new service*

Backup and disaster recovery options are available for data uptime 99.9% uptime

Secure network configuration support

*As defined in the service contract

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