Sleep Center EHR Module


All-in-one platform

This sleep center system automates it all, from initial scripts and encounter notes to claims, billing and payment. Now you can collect and manage directly from one platform.

Patient and Physician Tracking

Extensive Features

Patient Record
Calendar & Planner
Auto Scoring
Template & Forms
Physician Communication
Referral Summary
Billing & Claims
CC & DME Integrations
FAX Module
Home Study Inventory
Patient Tracking
Referral Heatmaps

Eliminate the back and forth with e-prescribing:
  • Electronic scripts
  • Patient history


Keep your staff on track by scheduling all activities
  • Clinic scheduling
  • Home study scheduling
  • Internal practice appointments

Patient Record

Enter patient information only once
  • Demographics
  • Insurance information
  • Contact information
  • Billing
  • DME equipment
  • Provider referrer
  • Test results
  • History and encounter notes

Calendar & Planner

Keep your staff organized
  • Use the calendar to book home sleep test machine delivery
  • Plan for set up and return of each unit
  • Track the number of units available and dispensed
  • Create mailing labels automatically

Auto Scoring

Reduce labor costs and increases throughput
  • Guaranteed less staff and physician time
  • REM Manager Integrates with auto scoring platforms (such as Ensodata)

More quickly review, report and sign off on sleep test results
  • Seamless process to extract sleep architecture data
  • From all acquisition systems, including Nihon Kohden, Compumedics, Philips Alice G3 and Natus SleepWorks.

Template & Forms

Save time with professional, customizable forms online or downloadable
  • Scoring tech forms and reports
  • Patient medical paperwork
  • Physician interpretation reports – prefilled with study summary, impressions and recommendations
  • Billing forms with data exporting capabilities


Monitor performance at a glance
  • Effective business dashboards and reports with performance metrics
  • Metrics include study count, lab utilization report turn-around times and more
  • Custom business and clinical reports
  • Cancelled studies
  • Patient booked
  • Non-compliant patients
  • Inactive physician referrers
  • And more


Secure portal access for patients and physicians
  • Patients can:
  • Sign forms prior to testing
  • Get results
  • Retrieve invoices
  • Make credit card payments
  • Physicians can:
  • Refer patients
  • Check on patient status
  • View completed reports and interpretations
  • Send scripts electronically
  • And more
  • Physician Communication

    Easy FAX communication with referring physicians
    • Give status of patient study
    • Request notes and script
    • Provide study results
    • Notify about patient no shows
    • Support SMS and emails

    Referral Summary

    Store and retrieve current and inactive referrals
    • Sortable summary format
    • Status of first call, second call, scheduled, denied, no shows, etc.

    Billing & Claims

    Reduce data entry from 5 minutes to 15 seconds in one interface and receive your revenue faster
    • Manage billing and collection of claims
    • Integrated billing and EMR systems promote efficiency and accuracy
    • One-button eligibility check (through Change Healthcare)
    • Generate e-claims directly to clearinghouse (no separate billing software needed)
    • Receive EOBs electronically and auto post directly to patient ledger

    Credit Card and DME Vendor Integration

    Automation saves time and reduce errors
    • Post credit card transactions to patient ledger
    • Send preferred DME vendor electronic scripts
    • Fax patient information packet
    • Set-up credit card payment plan

    FAX Module

    Send and receive faxes from referring physician and third-party DME vendors automatically
    • Store Information in received faxes to the right patient record area
    • Script
    • Physician encounter notes
    • Demographics, etc.

    Home Study Inventory

    Organizes inventory to increase sales
    • Real time inventory of HST units
    • Track DME dispensed and returns
    • Allows reconciliation of units and billing

    Patient Tracking

    Never lose a patient or their information
    • Scheduling
    • Authorizations
    • Consents
    • Required forms including insurance
    • Payment
    • And more


    Tools to create more leads and sales
    • Templated customizable webforms
    • Emails and FAX capability to targeted group
    • Auto tracking of marketing responses
    • Reengage inactive referring physicians

    Referral Heatmaps

    Know where patients are coming from and the best routes for equipment drop-off
    • Accuracy through Google-enabled maps
    • Support multi-office location planning

    Management Tracking

    Extensive Features

    Employee Task Audit
    Business Administration
    Custom Reports
    Employee Task Audit

    Staff roles are predefined as patient moves through the system
    • Schedule all steps, from patient scheduling to results and follow-up
    • Generate task lists
    • Track and assign outstanding activities

    Business Administration

    Integrated reporting enables comprehensive management
    • Summary views of lab utilization
    • Task process steps
    • Future patient bookings

    Custom Reports

    Granular reporting aids decision making and protects revenue
    • Referral sources
    • Trends
    • Cancelled studies with explanations
    • Paid and unpaid patient ledgers
    • and much more

    Custom Reports

    Granular reporting aids decision making and protects revenue
    • Referral sources
    • Trends
    • Cancelled studies with explanations
    • Paid and unpaid patient ledgers
    • and much more

    Plus you receive all of these features at no additional cost

    Implementation and set-up of your system

    Automatic email generation

    Transfer of old studies to the new service*

    Unlimited sleep center and remote users including providers and patients using the DME system and patient portals

    *As defined in the service contract

    Secure network configuration support

    Form and report customization

    Importing old patient data into new service*

    Online FAX integration to send and receive secure faxes through the system interface. Allows you to split faxes and label them independently as separate files before posting them to an individual patient record (Interfax interface)

    SMS texting and automated voice calling

    External system integration*

    7+ year data storage

    *As defined in the service contract

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