What’s the Story Behind REMware?

What’s the Story Behind REMware?

By REM Manager
Like all good stories, how REMware developed the best-value sleep center software in the industry has all the essential elements: characters, plot, conflict and resolution.
This story opens with Arun Ramabadran, who at 4 years old immigrated with his parents from India into the heartland of America…first to South Bend, Indiana, then Ames, Iowa, and on to Naperville, Illinois and Tampa, Florida. His father, an electrical engineer, went to work as a professor at Iowa State
University, eventually moving the family near Chicago to work at Motorola.
It was while working as pharmacy technician in high school that Arun became determined to go to medical school like his two uncles, who were physicians in the U.S. He earned admission to top tier colleges but made the decision to stay close to home to attend the University of Wisconsin. It was only after getting into medical schools that his uncles spoke up to offer alternative careers to medicine. They felt changes brought on by insurance payers over the last 25 years had removed control from patients and physicians and gave the power to the insurance companies.
“Doctors have less and less control over patient care these days. This profession is not what it once was,” they counseled.
Conflicted, Arun looked to his first role model…his father. He soon earned a degree in both electrical and biomedical engineering and launched a career that has taken him across the globe. After working at the telecommunications technology company Tellabs in the area of digital cross connects, he moved over to Spraying Systems Co., the world leader in designing and manufacturing spray nozzles and associated control systems. This job provided him with every opportunity he sought—product design, global marketing and sales, leadership and more. His name went on seven patents related to custom applications in the areas of gas conditioning, food microbial protection and coatings, and roofing cooling and nail marking systems.
“I had been there almost a decade when I realized there was limited upward mobility,” he says. “Just ahead of me was my boss as VP Operations, and he was not planning on going anywhere else soon.”
During his employment at Spraying Systems Co., Arun formed a private equity firm that enabled him to do what engineers enjoy doing—find better solutions to problems in industry on a broad scale. He left his job and has spent last decade advising cutting-edge technology companies and developing products and services, primarily in the healthcare and technology space.
He slid into the sleep management industry helping a friend and business partner, whose father had been involved in the IDTF sleep market for a nationwide sleep company since 2004. Arun’s primary role was helping to improve business processes and efficiencies which he implemented when he started his own hybrid sleep/DME business in Tampa, Florida, in addition to owning and operating a primary care physicians office.
When the payers cut reimbursement rates drastically in 2016 for sleep services both in and out of network, he turned his focus to improving efficiency through cloud based sleep operations software. He knew there had to be way to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks so staff could focus on more
profitable tasks such as booking patients.
Like all successful engineers, he measured every key data point and process. He soon formed REMware as a corporate entity, bought the software company in conjunction with several partners, and kept measuring, developing and improving the platform.
Today that platform, REMmanager, is the nation’s most comprehensive platform for sleep center operations and associated durable medical equipment. The company will soon release additional sleep products and software that will further disrupt the sleep test market and continue to offer efficiencies
and additional profitability for operators in this space. This story continues.

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