New Software Technology Completes Automation from First Call to Last Bill

New Software Technology Completes Automation from First Call to Last Bill

By REM Manager

TAMPA, FL—Sleep centers typically cobble together a variety of software programs to automate their business. REMmanager, already the most comprehensive sleep management platform available, has added two new modules that integrate consult notes and ePrescribing. These additions further automate the clinical and business processes for end-to-end productivity and cost savings.

“As a software engineer and previous sleep center owner, I know the pain points that come with utilizing multiple software platforms to process a patient from intake to billing. Maintaining data between different systems is expensive.” said Arun Ramabadran, CEO of REMware, the developer of REMmanager. “We developed REMmanager to integrate the entire workflow process, including both clinical and business tasks. Now staff can input information and have the information flow across the whole cloud-based system.”

REMmanager’s new modules enable referring physicians and sleep center physicians to easily share consult/clinical notes as required to manage a patient’s care. In addition, physicians can e-prescribe with the touch of a button to generate and send a prescription orders directly to a patient’s preferred pharmacy.

The platform cost-effectively improves productivity throughout the entire back office operation by coordinating and tracking all management components, including DME, workflow tasks, scheduling, EMR, patient and physician portals, patient communication (text, email and phone), smart fax and credit card integration, and billing/claims and collections.

“We deliver this solution in a modular approach so our customers only implement and pay for the functions needed for their unique practice. By adding these new components, we have further streamlined the operational efficiency of the process flow end-to-end for physician-based sleep centers,” said Ramabadran. “The standard package has more features at a better price than any sleep management software on the market and we find that a sleep center can easily save 50% on overhead.”

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